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Published refereed papers - Pubmed listing and impact

In press

Cisek P, Thura DNeural circuits for action selectionIn book: Reach-to-grasp behavior: brain, behavior, and modelling across the life span. Eds: Daniela Corbetta and Marco Santello


Thura D, Cisek P. The basal ganglia do not select reach targets but control the urgency of commitment. Neuron. 95(5):1160-1170. [Abstract]

Thura D, Guberman G, Cisek P. Trial-to-trial adjustments of speed-accuracy tradeoffs in the premotor and primary motor cortexJournal of Neurophysiology. 117(2): 665-683. [Abstract]


Thura D. How to discriminate conclusively among different models of decision-making? Journal of Neurophysiology. 115(5): 2251-2254. [Abstract]

Carland M, Marcos E, Thura D, Cisek P. Evidence against sensory integration models of perceptual decisions. Journal of Neurophysiology. 115(2):915-930. [Abstract]


Thura D, Cisek P. Modulation of premotor and primary motor cortical activity during volitional adjustments of speed-accuracy trade-offs. Journal of Neuroscience. 36(3):938-956. [Abstract]


Carland M, Thura D, Cisek P. The urgency-gating model can explain the effects of early evidence. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. 22(6):1830-1838. [Abstract]


Thura D, Cos I, Trung J, Cisek P. Context-dependent urgency influences speed-accuracy trade-offs in decision-making and movement execution. Journal of Neuroscience. 34(39): 16442-16454. [PDF]


Thura D, Cisek P. Deliberation and commitment in the premotor and primary motor cortex during dynamic decision-making. Neuron. 81(6): 1401-1416. [PDF] [Suppl. info]


Thura D, Beauregard-Racine J, Fradet C-W, Cisek P. Decision-making by urgency-gating: theory and experimental support. Journal of Neurophysiology. 108(11): 2912-30. [PDF]


Thura D, Hadj-Bouziane F, Meunier M, Boussaoud D. Hand modulation of visual, preparatory, and saccadic activity in the monkey frontal eye field. Cerebral Cortex. 21(4): 853-864. [PDF]


Thura D, Boussaoud D, Meunier M. Hand position influences saccadic reaction times in monkey and man. Journal of Neurophysiology. 99:2194-2202. [PDF]


Thura D, Hadj-Bouziane F, Meunier M, Boussaoud D. Hand position modulates saccadic activity in the Frontal Eye Field. Behavioral Brain Research. 186:148-153. [PDF]

Published non-refereed papers, articles, opinions


Thura D, Cisek P. On the difference between evidence accumulator models and the urgency gating model. Journal of Neurophysiology. 115(1): 622-623. 

Papers in preparation, submitted or in revision

Cisek P, Cabana JF, Feghaly A, Thura D. The neural dynamics of dynamic decision. (in preparation)

Thura D, Cisek P. Threshold versus contrast: how does the sensorimotor system signal the commitment to an action choice?  (in preparation)

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